Yes – we dare to do it! GRONEN 2020 goes virtual.

It is a bitter-sweet decision (we were looking forward so much to welcoming you in Lisbon) but we have decided to turn lemons into lemonade: Let’s use GRONEN2020 to explore what our very own sustainability research community has been discussing for a while: Ways to make conference travel more sustainable. With about 100 participants, GRONEN is a relatively small conference and we are confident we can make this work. We hope we can count on your support and your ideas!

To find out more about virtual conferencing and the different participation modes please also check:

To take a peek at the virtual conferencing platform we are going to use:


In brief:

What does virtual participation mean? First and foremost, it means that you present online using a browser. Imagine it like giving a webinar, the audience being online or in Lisbon. It won’t be the same as meeting your colleagues, but you can still take their questions and they have the opportunity to post questions and comments. A facilitator chairs your session, just like at a normal conference. We can host up to 50 participants in paper sessions and up to 100 in the plenary session.

How should I imagine a virtual conference? Imagine it like an online gallery in which you can join multiple rooms, plenaries, or workshops that are live-streamed. You will find a discussion board, a repository for recordings of sessions you missed and the materials presenters would like to share – and we will do our best to integrate some fun socializing features like a chatroulette!